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Luna Partners and GBST Collaborate to Develop a Groundbreaking Australian Private Equity Solution

Luna Partners, in their aim to provide investors access to Australia’s esteemed private equity sector, sought a technology partner capable of creating a platform that seamlessly connects investors and managers to the wholesale private equity market.

GBST built Luna Partners a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS offering, including a website, user portal, and admin portal. This scalable solution ensures that as Luna Partners grows, the platform can readily accommodate its growth requirements.

The solution simplifies the investor onboarding process, incorporating KYC/AML checks, and allows for multiple investments, online applications, and efficient portfolio management.

Within eight months from the initial brief, GBST not only delivered the technological solution but also completed Luna Partners’ branding, enabling them to swiftly enter the market.

With the initial success achieved, Luna Partners and GBST are now focusing on subsequent releases and further enhancements for continued growth and success.

“GBST’s technology expertise and commitment to excellence made them the perfect partner for realising our vision of a groundbreaking Australian Private Equity solution. Their cloud-based SaaS offering, featuring a user-friendly website, investor portal, and efficient admin portal, not only exceeded our expectations but also proved to be robust and scalable, aligning seamlessly with Luna Partners’ growth trajectory.

The platform’s ability to simplify investor onboarding, facilitate multiple investments, and streamline portfolio management has been a game-changer for our operations.”

Ed Caser