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DXP significantly enhances Burrell’s online customer experience

Burrell Stockbroking and Superannuation are a longstanding client of GBST and have been using GBST’s Shares solution for many years. Shares enables real-time integration and end-to-end processing of equities in the middle and back office across all types of participants.

Burrell wanted to improve the user experience of their website and improve the integration of customer data between Shares and the website. Burrell chose DXP because of it’s ability to integrate with it’s back office seamlessly and the robust feature set to manage content and create personalised experiences for their members. DXP allows Burrell to target customer segments and regions by controlling who sees what, including showing or even hiding entire pages, menus, and individual form fields.

Designed with a simplified login area for quicker access, the website provides Burrell members with tailored content such as recent publications and immediate access to research reports, documents and forms. User records are automatically updated across DXP and Shares, reducing the manual overhead of adding, removing and updating users in DXP when changes occur in the back office.

The new website showcases a simple and clean menu structure and layout, allowing Burrell’s customers to efficiently and effectively access information about stockbroking, wealth management, investing services and research reports as and when they need.

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